Friday, September 13, 2013

Australian Opal Rubs & Rough

Suitable for the Professional & Opal Enthusiast alike!

All of our Opal Rubs & Rough are individually selected  

Genuine Australian Gem Opal.


Here are just a few from our selection:

6.3 Carats Brilliant Coober Pedy Top Gem Crystal Opal Rub! - See more at:

5.6 carats Very Bright Lightning Ridge Solid Black/Semi-Black Opal Rub - See more at:

6.2 Carats Very Bright CooberPedy Red Multi-Colour Gem Crystal Opal Rub! - See more at:

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6.2 Carats Very Bright CooberPedy Red Multi-Colour Gem Crystal Opal Rub! - See more at:

Australian Opal Rubs & Rough


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Opals-On-Black.. New Black Opal Solids !!

NEW Black Opal Solids Arriving !! 

From The Opal Mining Fields of Lightning Ridge.......

N1 Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal

15.4 carats Solid Lightning Ridge Black Opal

Solid Lightning Ridge Black Opal

5.8 carats Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are You A Lover Of Queensland & Koroit Boulder Opal ?

So Are We... and we have added some new quality Boulder Opal Solids to our Opals-On-Black website with more on the way!

SBD056 - A pretty Koroit Matrix Boulder Opalstone with bright fiery lines of color with one of these features being a "forked lightning" pattern of red fire. Other colors play orange, brilliant green & blue with the stone displaying a high polish & finish.

This one... only Aud.$38.00 !

SBD057 - A bright & sparkly Koroit Matrix opalstone playing bright emerald greens & blues, that sparkle and twinkle against a dark and interesting patterned backdrop. Finished with a lovely high polish.

This interesting boulder opal solid is also only Aud. $38.00 !

SBK058 - Quilpie Queensland Boulder Opal Solid
A nice piece of Queensland Boulder Opal from the Quilpie Mining Fields playing bright emerald greens against a patterned dark brown backdrop of boulderstone. This Gem would make into a lively and very bright ringstone !

Price : Aud. $58.00

SBD059 - Koroit Matrix Boulder Opal Solid A pretty piece of Koroit Matrix Queensland Boulder Opal, playing bright & sparkling emerald greens, blues & mauves.

This one only
Aud.$46.00 !

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Boulder Opal Solids !!

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Peter & Barb

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant from Opals-On-Black!

P221 - A unique & beautiful Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant, carved from a piece of bright & colourful Lightning Ridge Gem Opal!
Set several millimetres into the top of this rather unique & colourful opal pendant is a Solid 14 carat yellow gold bail.

Colours at play are flashing and rolling reds, red-oranges, oranges, golds, light greens and sky-blues.

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Peter & Barb

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gem Crystal & Boulder Opal Pendant from Opals-On-Black !

P220 - Cooberpedy Gem Crystal & Boulder Opal Pendant.

This is a stunning Opal Pendant, full of flashing & rolling brilliant fire.

A vivid high Gem Opal Doublet pendant created using brilliant Cooberpedy Gem Crystal filled with every colour of the rainbow and more.

Abundant reds, oranges, golds and many other colors blaze out in profusion from every angle of this spectacular Gemstone.

All of this amazing fire has been permanently bonded to a lovely piece of Koroit Bolder Opal, itself playing beautiful minature coloured lights of Gem reds, greens, blues & purple.

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